Bhagvat Vidhyapith

To fulfil the desire of Srila Prabhupada and to alleviate the deteriorating condition of education for poor children in society, We started an ambitious project of providing free education. Soon the number of students joining this school increased. Feeling the need of a much better administrative control system, We decided to set up a proper management committee and named the institution as BHAGVAT VIDHYAPITH. It is His Holiness strong ambition to make this Institution a role model for the society in providing quality education to the poor and needy ones. His desire is to provide some really good character and responsible persons through this Institution, who can do something good and noticeable for the society.

Our Motto:
“Nishkam Bhakti”. It is said that Knowledge should neither be sold nor should it be bought. Otherwise it becomes business. A dedicated student should submissively approach his teacher and render him service. In return the teacher will give him knowledge, without the desire of gaining anything in return. That is the ideal student-teacher relationship. Here at BHAGVAT VIDHYAPITH we are trying to revive this ancient tradition. Our volunteers render selfless service. Students study here and they do not have to pay any fees. Besides this, all the other needs of the students are also fulfilled by the BHAKTIVEDANTA EMPIRE SEVA TRUST – books, stationary, uniform and meals are provided.

Why Bhagvat Vidhyapith:
“They will develop into perfect citizens – moral, honest, hard working, law abiding, clean and faithful to home and Country, like that. That is the unmatched success of our Krishna consciousness schooling system.” – Srila Prabhupada.

The Need of Bhagvat Vidhyapith:
Today’s modern education system focuses exclusively on developing a child’s capability in his ability to earn his livelihood more and more competitively. The importance of moral values is not emphasized. The tutors themselves lack the moral values in their lives. Consequently, they fail to inculcate social and Spiritual values in their students. Lack of human values is resulting in immoral activities, violence and corruption. The professionals today are leading a highly stressful life. They have no time to think of the higher principles of living. On the other hand, those who have a Spiritual inclination seek a simpler life, based on the principle of “Simple living and high thinking.”

Bhagvat Vidhyapith

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